Caring for our carers

Service standards for supporting carers in Havering

This is a guide for service providers who support carers in the London Borough of Havering. It sets out the Council’s expectations, and provides detailed steps for making sure organisations provide the best support possible.

The following eight principles, developed through interviews with local carers and service providers, should guide your organisation as you develop user-centred services.

Select any of the principles below for further information and guidance, including examples and tips for putting the principles into practice.

As part of these Service Standards, we’ve also included the Council’s commitment to supporting service providers.

Truly user-centred services are only possible when we work together, and Havering Council is committed to better collaboration providers and carers.

Your feedback on this guide is warmly welcome.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected]

Download all standards for PDF